Festival season is well and truly upon us, and one of the best (or worst, depending how you look at it) parts of any festival is the campsite.


We’re big fans of festivals over at Relentless and we’ll be heading to a fair few ourselves this year. Next up is The Point stage at Boardmasters this weekend. The Newquay based festival is going to bring a whole host of talent to the Cornish beaches and we’ll be there setting up camp for the whole weekend.


We know the excitement/stress that packing for a festival can entail. Because we’re nice, we’ve put together a list of necessities that you’ll need to bring along with you to ensure the ultimate camping comfort.



You’re not going to forget your tent and you’re not going to forget your sleeping bag – that’s camping 101. But you might forget your pillow and before you know it you’ll be using a pile of clothes stuffed into your rucksack to rest your head upon, and after a night of dancing that’s just not going to work.



Sounds obvious but it’s the last thing you pack before you leave and when your mate Rob is outside blaring his car horn because you’re taking too long, it can be easy to forget.


Twice as many clothes as you think you need

No matter how much planning you put into your outfits pre-event, you’re definitely going to have a change of heart once you’re there. Sorry but it’s true.


Baby wipes

The holy grail of festival essentials. Whether you’re male or female, baby wipes are an absolute must have for any festival goer. They can be used to remove make up/glitter, to clean yourself up in a makeshift shower and if you do forget your pillow (you obviously didn’t pay attention to the first item on this list!) they’ll make for a semi alright head rest in a pinch.



Yeah it’s intimidating carrying around a load of cash and the fear of losing it is very real. Unfortunately this is just something that comes along with festival experiences. Most vendors won’t take card and if you try to use a cash machine on site you’re basically dedicating your whole day to queuing.


Divide your moolah into daily allowances and stash the rest in your tent. That way you won’t go overboard on the first day and have to spend the rest of the weekend drinking tap water.


A bumbag

You’ve stuffed all your weekend essentials into your old Duke of Edinburgh hiking rucksack and that’s great, but you don’t want to be lugging that around from stage to stage. Pockets are dodgy (unless they zip up) and weigh you down. A bumbag however leaves you hands free and ready to bust some shapes knowing all belongings are safe and sound strapped to your abdomen.


Portable charger

Let’s be honest, we use our phones so much these days most people need to bring a portable charger with them just to pop to the shops, so the notion you’ll be able to last a whole weekend ~making memories~ without charging is just outlandish. Remember when your phone dies, so does you alarm, your camera and your torch.


Dry shampoo

Time to get real, after three nights of dancing and sleeping on your rucksack head rest (we knew you would forget that pillow) your hair is not going to be looking or smelling as fresh as it did when you arrived. Dry shampoo was created by the gods to help out in just this situation. Spray away.


Sun tan lotion/rain coat

Because this is England and literally anything is possible.



Last but not least, camping is a lot more fun when you have an actual festival to attend.