The Heavytrackerz - "Wavey" (BTS)

March 27, 2017

Producers and members of the Relentless family, The Heavytrackerz have built up a well-deserved buzz around themselves. Putting on an explosive performance at last year’s Leeds festival and having worked on some of Grimes biggest tracks, from Meridian Dan’s “German Whip” to Stormzy’s “Not That Deep” the production trio has inspired a generation of producers over the years.

Since Grime emerged in the early 000’s the traditional video focuses on the artists hometown, background & lifestyle. Realism is the usual narrative behind grime music videos, but Teddy aka Teedot and G. Tank have decided to put a spin on it, and we went behind the scenes to capture it all! Their breaking of the conventions in new music video “Wavey” almost reflects Grimes current direction in the industry breaking away from the confinement of London streets and taking over the world

Directed by Chas Appeti, this latest offering, which also features Grime heavyweights Ghetts, J2K and Double S, takes inspiration from 80’s sci-fi movies, from the American diner and neon lights, right down to the DeLorean … powered by Relentless!

When asked about decision to go down this route with their newest tracks visuals, Teddy explained:

We wanted to do something a little bit different when it comes to grime videos… everyone always does the usual video in the estates and getting the mandem, gun fingers and the twerking and we just wanted to have something that sets us apart.

“Wavey” sets a new standard for music video’s in Grime and provides us with high anticipation for their next piece of work!

Check out the behind the scenes above and watch the full video for “Wavey” >>