Rude Kid unleashes new monsters

June 23, 2017

Monsters and weird creatures are all around Rude Kid's new EP. As an established lynchpin in the grime scene, the producer delivers a new instrumental project, packed with some of the most recent smash tunes. Taking on the spectrum of grime, the beats range from the dark, sinister and merky to the obscure and sci-fi inspired, from the futuristic and circus synths to the old-school computer game classics and all the way back to the unquestionable hype and raw energy of the UK’s stand out sound. We catch up with him to learn more about it.


What Monsters did you create with this EP? Good ones?

A lot of good monsters!! Sick monsters!! All the instrumentals on this EP have different energies

What is the meaning behind this new project?

I've always believed it's important to release instrumentals as a producer. You need to show people your skills as a producer.

Why and when did you decide to produce it?

I decided to make this EP because when I was playing some of these tunes, in clubs or radio, people kept asking me about them, so it's only right I give the people what they want.

I read you work well under pressure, was this EP the case?

Nah this EP was calm work for me, but I do work well under pressure, I work well at all times lol.

Why did you decide to release instrumental EP’s every so often?

It's important to the scene. Without instrumentals, people won't have any music at all.

How’s the scene important to you? And why is so important to you to help the next generation?

The scene means everything to me. It helped me out in loads of ways; I always try help up and coming talent especially producers because I know how it feels to start from the bottom. As for MCs, I support them on my Radio show on Kiss FM all the time.

Can you give some advice to new producers/MC’s?

Always be yourself and stay unique. Don't try to be someone else. Always stand out from the others and do what nobody is doing. The way I got heard was because nobody was making music like me at all, and they still don't. Also, don't be afraid to show your character and who you are as a person.

You used a lot of sci-fi and video game in 8bit sounds. Is there any geek reference to a particular game or TV Show?

Erm not really, I just like they sound, lol.  I love old school video game music, reminds me of the good old days.

 “I need to be like Chase & Status”. Why?

I could be one day. I think the stuff they have achieved is something I want to do from now till I die. For me, that's why I say one day I will do what they do. They always help me and guide me as well. So big up Chase and Status!

Do you have any future projects for the summer?

I’m going to drop another massive single and I’m also working on a vocal project as well. Is going to be mad!

Anything else you want to add?

Big up Relentless that the family! Monsters EP out now goes and support!!

Are you ready? listen to “Monsters” here