April 20, 2017

If you’re a grime fan, old or new, you’ve heard of Rude Kid or at least heard the echo of “Are You Ready?” blaring through a speaker. 2017 saw Rude Kid cross the pond to bring the sounds of the UK to America at SXSW festival.

After releasing the #653 EP collaboratively with Ghetts and in partnership with us, Rude Kid saw this as his chance to kick his career into gear. Before we knew it, he was performing at Wireless, Glastonbury and Leeds festival. Relentlessly pushing his sound to a wider audience, his hard work landed him his own weekly show on Kiss FM.

This year, with a solid team behind him, Rude Kid crossed the pond to Austin, Texas for SXSW Festival for a grime takeover, he said in an interview with Complex, “Grime definitely deserves it and the scene deserves to be taken seriously because people like myself, and loads of others who have stuck at making grime and never looked back, are very proud of where we’ve taken the sound. I hope they bring out grime acts every year.”

Rude Kid went to the US with the intent to see the current state and awareness of grime and show SXSW festival goers his music. ‘Are You Ready’ is a film about Rude’s career from the point at which he was about to quit music completely through to charting his collaborative #653 EP in the top 5 on iTunes to performing his new music in the US. 

"Are You Ready" the documentary brings out Rude Kid’s personality which many don’t get the chance to see. Watch the video and join in the conversation on social using the hashtag #AreYouReady & #RelentlessEnergy.