Reset Robot and Giant 303

July 04, 2017

A festival in the middle of the park, surrounded by a motorway and massive buildings; that was the landscape for Junction 2. Having its first edition in 2016, the festival hosts an impressive catalogue of house and techno, making it one of the best options in London. Held at a 28-acre Boston Park Site, Junction 2 created five different worlds, and ours was definitely not to be missed. A dark warehouse only suitable for heavy clubbers and an immersive enveloping experience with a synthesiser legend.

Many compared the Warehouse to a dungeon and our Giant 303 to a real immersive experience, where clubbers played with the legendary synths as they felt like giants in the woods. The Giant 303 was an oversized replica of the classic Roland TB-303 one of the most singular sounds in the music history. Released in 1982 this “geek-toy”, was build to reproduce the sound of a bass and to create an automatic accompaniment for guitarists playing on their own. Instead of serving its practical purpose, the synth became a symbol of the Chicago House sound and the essential base of acid house.

From a machine to a full instrument, the 303 came packed full of complex features, allowing producers to create either sawtooth or square waves and programme bass line patterns with up to 16 steps at their favourite tempo. Essentially, it allows users to let notes slide into each other and create a “squelching” sound; it was these two elements that made the 303 such a unique synthesizers.

To play around with it, we invited Reset Robot, who was playing on the Drumcode stage. But, who is Reset Robot? The man behind the machine is Dave Robertson, a Portsmouth based DJ/producer, with a massive influence by clubs such as Fabric and Slinky, DJs such as Sasha, Digweed and the Wiggle boys. His sound can be minimal at times, yet accessible to all types of music lovers. With the collaboration with two unknown assistants, Reset Robot created it a brand new track, which you can listen to the video above.

Look out for the Giant 303 in every Relentless event near you. Do you think you can do better?