In our new series, Next Up, we're hitting up some of the pioneers of our favourite genres to see who they thinks next to take overhear scene.


First in the hot seat is our mate B-Live. A drum and bass hero who has set off our Leeds stage with his nuts B-Live vs Evil B stage show, featured on Skepta's latest album and carved out a name for himself as one of the leading dons in the Bass world. 



"A breath of fresh air to the UK Garage scene. Production levels on par with any of the legends you can name and a very unique style."



"A Drum and Bass DJ who is rising up through the ranks the right way. Tight mixing, good ideas and even though she is new(ish) to the scene plays with real knowledge and maturity."



"Short for 'The New Age’ consisting of DJ Nu Elements and MC’s Azza and Grima. They are a fired up jump collective steam rolling their way to the top of flyers."



"North London DJ/Producer of a fired up tribal sound. Think house meets tribal meets acid meets funky. Its all there."



"Even though made of legends PC is only 2 years old. An adrenaline fuelled DnB collective with a twist , paved on the foundations of legendary status. DJ’s Majistrate & Logan D with MC’s Eksman and Evil B. 100% certi!"