LWE: Elrow

March 11, 2017

When you think about clubs, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A dark room, people in a complete state of trance with their eyes closed following the rhythm of the music, right? We would say, yes you’re right, but what if you had the opportunity to dress up and be taken to a whole different universe with glitter and wild animals. If that’s your cup of tea, Elrow was made for you.

Straight out of Spain, Elrow almost felt into the dark side of Ibiza, gladly they kept their philosophy intact and adapt it in different countries all around the world. It started as a Sunday morning party in Barcelona, and after a few years we can find them in Paris and London.

We were pretty excited to attend for the first time their flagship theme, “Singermorning”. A mixture between adventure, explorers, rock-stars, tribesmen and athletes, as their team says, “…you can be anything you want to be. Just be prepared for the unexpected”.  Not only “Singermorning” were a first in London, but they are also heading to their biggest event in the UK yet. In August, Elrow is bringing a 360-degree experience by turning an iconic London venue into a small town with markets, town squares, bars and if that wasn’t enough, every street acts like a different dance floor.

Described by Juan Arnau himself, "We’re really excited to announce our first outdoor location in London; the biggest in the UK so far, Elrow Town. Get ready to experience the next level of elrow, where you will take the starring role at the show. Buckle in for elrow’s craziest party yet. Together, we will make magic happen!"

The mystery is on! The line-up has been kept under wraps since October last year, but we’re hoping for a massive announcement very soon. Artists like Seth Troxler, Jackmaster, Skream, Steve Lawler or Tale of Us mixed big tunes in their stage in the past and with different dj booth in the same place, we’re expecting some big names in the Elrow Town line-up.

To prepare ourselves for this madness and while we recover from last weekend, renew our stock of glitter and costumes we put together some tips to enjoy Elrow at its fullness:

1.Buy a costume and glitter. We recommend an animal, a T-Rex maybe, imagine those little arms moving around with the music.

2. Leave your inhibitions home – this is a wild party! We want you to dance like there’s no tomorrow!

3. Make some research on Spanish parties – they don’t play around…really.

4. Fashion is not a must – they don’t care about your look, in fact the more extravagant, the better.

5. Make new friends! Mingle a little bit, we all want the same thing: have fun!

6. Get lost in their different spaces. It’s whole new experience; don’t stay stuck to the floor.

7. Leave your problems outside and be happy

8. Smile – register the moment with your friends

9. Eat! It’s a whole day event, you’ll need some calories on that little body of yours!


To wrap it up, Elrow, it’s as if we enter into the world of Alice in Wonderland, once you enter the rabbit hole, be ready to experience a different universe. A full-on party city, which includes everything you’re looking for in a club and more, from the best Djs out there to cowboys, “flamencas,” queens, athletes and weird creatures.

As their mantra said: “Al mal tiempo Buena cara. God save Elrow!

Take a look at what went down: