Next up for our In The Cut series is London based (via San Fransico & Bologna) DJ Saint Ludo. Equally known as head honcho at queer/female driven record label Femme Culture alongside Elkka (who she also manages), Saint Ludo is making waves internationally as a multi-genre DJ. Her sets range from grime, to trap to electronic to funky house - which makes her the perfect candidate to share her five fave tracks. 


Get the low down below, and if that floats your boat check out previous entries from L U C Y and Jess Bays.



This track is just my all time favourite, both in terms of sound and what it means to me and what it probably meant to the whole grime scene.


It was the first grime tune to be ever shown to me when I was about 20 and first moved to London from Italy, and my mind was just blown away by the fact that there was a whole genre I knew nothing about.


And this whole era of string-filled and hi-pitched instrumentals was the best, both in American and UK rap. These riddims just did (and still do) something to my energy.


(Also Ghetts was still called Ghetto at this time and I love it)



I grew up with A Tribe Called Quest, that’s what all the kids were listening to when we was young in California, so I always had a soft spot for Phife.


Then as a teenager I discovered Dilla and fell in love with his music, so this track to me is so legendary - one of my heroes bigging up another one of my heroes.


Even tho we don’t have either of them anymore, this is just a reminder of what great hip hop sounds like and that great artists pay tribute and respect to each other.


Phife and Dilla chilling together somewhere right now <3



This is my go-to track when I’m DJing - if I wanna hype people up, I play this.


If the energy is already there - I play this. If I wanna end on a high - I play this.


I think Lioness is one of the most versatile clever mcs in the UK, and same goes for Jammz as both a producer and MC.


So big up both of them for doing the damn thing.



The Anti EP by Autechre is one of my all time favourite EPs, obviously this track is quite different from everything else we’ve gone through so far.


I still listen to a lot of electronic music but nothing will ever beat this melody, Flutter is just so catchy and it’s the perfect soundtrack to everything I’m doing.


The kinda track I’ll listen to and will make any activity I’m doing feel epic.



I can’t even watch the video to this anymore. Mac was my favourite rapper as a teenager, we were born in the same year so it kinda felt like we were growing up together.


He was so clever with the word play, I loved the sound of his voice, he had such a strong energy about him and there was always something going on behind his eyes.


His music could go from super uplifting and bright to a deep, introspective and darker tone so quickly, all his albums had this characteristic.


He was easily one of the most talented young artists in the US, respected by artists, executives, media etc for his energy and humour. Such a loss, and so early on.


Rest in greatness forever Mac.