Orange Crushrelentless orange crush

Orange Crush is a sparkling drink that mixes the sharp, but sweet citrus flavour of oranges with the energy boost of Relentless.

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  • said: {Report}

    07 Dec 2014 18:41

    I'm actually at the point of begging now. Please, Relentless/Coca Cola, PLEASE listen to your customers. Just take 5-10mins to read through these comments and you will see! This has become complete madness now.

  • Billy Barron said: {Report}

    This is an absolute disgrace that this company refuses to listen to the countless number of customers complaining about the orange crush flavour. It just isn't anywhere near as good as inferno was. Orange crush is surely much cheaper to produce than inferno and this is a total scandal considering how much money this company makes. Please bring back inferno. I used to drink Relentless all the time, nowadays I'm happier to drink a 250ml euroshopper can for 35p, and this isn't the way it should be.

  • Sion Sleep said: {Report}

    05 Oct 2014 20:37

    Bring back Inferno, it was by far the best energy drink on the market!! Look at the comments everyone agrees!!!

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