Pride, Prejudice, Zombies

Jane Austen’s Regency romance is getting the gore treatment

Jane Austen's legendary Pride and Prejudice gets quite spectacularly resuscitated by the Los Angeles-based film and television writer Seth Grahame-Smith in what he proclaims would become the advent of 'murder-lit'.

Claiming the mash-up nature of pop music as inspiration, the author suggested that the novel was already an easy target. The 1813 classic is conveniently out of copyright, and if you look at it with the critical eye of a film connoisseur you begin to see all the building blocks of classic horror bonanza - a country estate, heroines in distress and the misleadingly idyllic landscapes of Longbourn and Meryton, with a gaping lack of gore.

"It has the building blocks of classic horror bonanza"

Going into more detail will probably not be doing any justice to this suspenseful stylistic marriage. At the moment, however, it is subject to a ferocious Hollywood bid, in which we are sure it will make a killing.

Pun absolutely intended.


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